Naheed Nenshi on Calgary in Alberta's 2023 electionListen now | Former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi joins the Daveberta Podcast to talk about provincial politics in Alberta’s largest city, the upcoming election, and The Last of Us and the city’s film industry. Sign up for a monthly or annual paid subscription to the Daveberta…
Notley’s NDP are probably better prepared than they’ve ever been this close to an election but are they connecting with Albertans?
The Daveberta Podcast is back, now on SubstackListen now (68 min) | Daveberta Podcast relaunches in Danielle Smith's wild(rose) world of Alberta politics
Alberta fighting with Ottawa is as Albertan as an oil derrick, but if changes to laws are needed it should be done where Albertans can see it - not…
The former chief medical officer of health got first-hand experience how fickle and chaotic politics are in Alberta
Did the UCP inherit the PC Party's uncanny ability to reinvent itself?
NDP need to avoid falling into the trap of searching for Smith’s next Lake of Fire moment
But unlike 1982, Peter Lougheed isn’t around to play the role of Captain Strong Alberta within a Strong Canada.
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