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Daveberta Podcast: The rise and fall of #ableg

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Daveberta Podcast: The rise and fall of #ableg

One year on Substack, we talk Twitter, UCP AGM and NDP Provincial Council

Marking one year on Substack, on this episode of the Daveberta Podcast we discuss the upcoming United Conservative Party AGM, the Alberta NDP’s Provincial Council meeting, and the rise and decline of the #ableg hashtag on Twitter and how it has influenced the political narrative in Alberta over the past 15 years.

The Daveberta Podcast is hosted by Dave Cournoyer and produced by Adam Rozenhart. This episode was recorded on October 3, 2023.

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Alberta still a two-party province

Alberta’s Legislature Building, always a work in progress (source: Dave Cournoyer)

We are just over four months from the last provincial election and a new poll conducted by Leger shows not much has changed.

Alberta politics is still a two-party race with the United Conservative Party at 49 percent and the Alberta NDP at 39 percent support among people polled. The Alberta Party placed third with 4 percent followed by the Liberals with 3 percent and the Green Party with 2 percent, though none of those parties earned more than 0.7 percent of the vote in the May election.

The poll showed UCP leader Danielle Smith with a 44 percent approval rating followed closely by NDP leader Rachel Notley with 43 percent approval.

Fifty percent of Albertans polled said that the province is on the wrong track, with 36 percent saying things are headed in the right direction. Inflation, health care and housing affordability were the top three issues identified in the poll.


A few more things….

The Alberta NDP’s Manitoba connections

Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew made history last week when he was elected as the first First Nations premier of a province in Canada. Alberta NDP MLAs, including Edmonton-Rutherford MLA Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse, Edmonton-City Centre MLA David Shepherd and Edmonton-North West MLA David Eggen, were spotted

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Daveberta - Alberta politics and elections
Daveberta Podcast - Alberta politics on the Daveberta Substack
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