Daveberta - Alberta politics and elections
Daveberta Podcast - Alberta politics on the Daveberta Substack
The Daveberta Podcast is back, now on Substack

The Daveberta Podcast is back, now on Substack

Daveberta Podcast relaunches in Danielle Smith's wild(rose) world of Alberta politics

I’m Dave Cournoyer and this is the Daveberta Podcast, now on the Daveberta Substack.

After a brief 11-month semi-permanent hiatus, I am thrilled to join our talented producer, Adam Rozenhart, to relaunch the Daveberta Podcast at its new home on the Daveberta Substack.

A little older, a little wiser: Dave Cournoyer and Adam Rozenhart

We enjoyed bringing you the best of Alberta politics for the first five years of the podcast and now we are excited to be back to discuss big topics and chat with engaging guests as part of our 2023 election series.

In this inaugural relaunch episode we tackle some of the big questions in Alberta politics today. We discuss Danielle Smith’s first three months as Premier, the spin around her office’s alleged emails to crown prosecutors about COVID-19 charges, the politics of the Just Transition, how Smith’s United Conservative Party and Rachel Notley’s NDP are positioning themselves in 2023 and which ridings to watch in the next election. We also asked for your questions on social media, so we dive into our listener mailbag.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

I’ll be back next time with your biweekly scheduled Alberta politics column and more exciting news about the Daveberta Substack.



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Daveberta - Alberta politics and elections
Daveberta Podcast - Alberta politics on the Daveberta Substack
The best of Alberta politics is back. The Daveberta Podcast is now on the Daveberta Substack.